Our Mission and History

Our vision … a world without CMT

Our vision … a world without CMT

Our mission … to support the development of new drugs to treat CMT, to
improve the quality of life for people with CMT, and, ultimately, to find a cure.

What People Have to Say

Some kind words about our Summit


“Attending the 2023 CMTA Patient Summit in Boston was a truly enriching experience for me, offering me my first opportunity to meet others affected by Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. The Summit not only deepened my understanding of CMT through the informative sessions but also gave me the opportunity to make friends! It was an incredible event that provided both knowledge and community.”

-Joshua Fletcher


“There’s no better experience than being in a room filled with others who have CMT! It’s freeing knowing that the person next to you isn’t going to bat an eye if you wobble side to side from lack of balance. If you’re able to make it to the CMTA Summit in person it’s 1000% worth the trip!”

-Julie Stone


“What an awesome Summit! I’m glad it was offered virtually so that I could attend. I came away from it filled with hope, information, and practical advice for living with CMT. I’m so glad to be a part of this wonderful community!”

-Doreen Pomykala


“I can’t say enough good things about the CMT patient summit. It was incredibly valuable to me for gaining updated knowledge on all things CMT as well as making real connections with experts and others with the disease. I would encourage anyone who has CMT or a loved one with CMT to attend this amazing event!” 

-Ann Juenger

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